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What is an ADSL line? ADSL line is a digital line used to connect a subscriber to the internet, more precisely its a line that transfers a digital signal that is used to transfer digital internet data, in binary format.

We compared ADSL prices in South Africa – and you are probably paying too much

In this ADSL scenario, it's a normal voice line that can carry a digital signal at the same time as the normal voice signal. What does ADSL stand for? ADSL technology can send more data than over existing copper telephone lines than traditional modem lines. The reason why its referred to as Asymmetric is that preference in speed is given to download than upload as downloading data is required much more that uploading. Thus with finite resources higher priority is given to download giving a better internet experience.

The speeds for download is more than upload hence its not symmetric, or the same, and therefore identified as Asymmetrical. What is ADSL?

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ADSL Definition. ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is a method to link a device or devices to the internet backbone in order to use the internet, or just to transfer a digital signal via a copper or even a fibre optic line. Wireless ADSL. ADSL is a line communication technology using copper or fibre optic to access the internet. This is very common in an office or household scenario. ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is when the incoming data transfer rate is higher than the outgoing as incoming data is used more than the latter.

There are circumstances where the upload speeds are also required to be fast, this would be a DSL line. Its therefore Symmetrical and referred to as just DSL. For example, downloading 1 GB will take just over two hours on a 1 Mbps connection but only 4 minutes on a 40 Mbps connection. Yes it does. While the internet speed we provide you with remains the same, the more people you have using your internet, the more your bandwidth is shared between them. Based on their usage, speed will indeed be affected. Why not speak to our sales team and they will help you select the package best suited to your usage needs.

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ADSL Internet. Enter your full address into the search bar below or zoom in on the map and click on your house. Can I Get Fibre? Click on the map to interact. Fibre help Unknown. LTE help Unknown. Fibre to the Business help Unknown. ADSL help Unknown. Our database seems a little confused Please select your address from the options below. Use my updated address. My original address is correct Use my original address. What you will pay monthly.

What you will pay today R0. What is a "Fibre Pre-Order"? Please Note Openserve have indicated that Fibre is available in your area.

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Great stuff! Our SIM only package will work for you. So make sure you schedule your updates and downloads for this time to get the most out of your data allocation! What you will pay today R Warning - Read this first!

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Please Select I already have an internet line I need an internet line Transfer my existing line to Webafrica. Up to download speed. Up to upload speed. Click here for even more information on our FUP. Oh Snap! We don't cover your area for just yet, but you do have other internet options available! We don't cover your area just yet. The address you entered is Not Your Address? I am Just interested in. On the 5GHz band, Most importantly, the universal beamforming not only works on Two USB 2. This ensures extended coverage, increases dynamic data speed, and enhances stability.

Gigabit Internet browsing with hardware NAT. This reduces the possibility of bottlenecks on fast internet connections. Add external storage, printers, and other devices to your network. Having your devices networked, lets you access them easier than ever before.

The whole-new dashboard interface lets you manage all clients and settings via a single graphical interface, and provides 1-click updates. It links your home network and online web storage service and lets you access it through the AiCloud mobile app on your iOS or Android smartphone or through a personalized URL in a web browser. Download Master and enhanced media server let you download and play multimedia files stored on router-attached USB storage on a wide range of compatible devices such as PC, pad, PS4, Xbox, and smart TV.

Download Master can also download files while your PC is turned off, and allows you to manage and monitor download status remotely. Better online multitasking at up to , sessions. Massive online multitasking at up , concurrent data sessions gives you 20 times the capacity of mainstream routers, allowing for great performance with no slowdown even during heavy traffic sessions.

Multiple downloads occur at the same time to create a smoother user experience. More data sessions translate into quicker and buffer-less HD streaming plus lag-free online gaming even while you download content, so you can do more without compromising your online lifestyle. VPN server and client for encrypted remote connection.

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