I wish I had a man to make this naughty coupon book! I love the creativity and I am sure those spirits will get any couple in the frisky spirit! Kudos on a fantastic DIY project! Really love it! Thanks for sharing how to do it! Now this is pretty awesome. This is a perfect DIY Valentines gift! This is very creative DIY Valentines gift for your significant other, what a great idea by creating it with a Mason jar, very cooool!! Thank you for sharing!

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Waiting for him there was a king size reeses big cup, which is his favorite candy and a homemade naughty coupon book I linked to the one I did. This is a great idea and I love the design! Would you happen to allow a few blanks to fill in on your free download? I love these! I was wondering if you could post some blank ones to fill in a few more?

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Accept Read More. Okay so I am not going to waste your time. FYI for some reason your in this website not shopping for your wife.. Not Really..

Mother’s Day Coupons

I will give you credit that you thought ahead more than the other guys that stopped reading because they needed go run and get a gift before every store closes on them.. Fast Birthday Gift Ideas.

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One Hour! This is going to get ugly.. I am not an artist.. You heard me! While I think his bald-headed representation looks a little strange since there are no eyebrows or ears or nose, I do like his facial hair. Then there are the love coupon ideas actually about love and building and strengthening your relationship like:. For whatever reason you want to gift these love coupons , there are lots of great ideas for you personalize it for the one your boyfriend or husband.

And my husband loved it!

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Did they like it? Subscribe and get my best advice delivered right to your inbox. As a thank you, you'll receive these three laundry room printables for FREE. What a fun idea.

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I remember making my husband one of these when we were young and super broke. He found it not too long ago and decided to collect on some of it.

Budget Friendly Valentine's Day Gift - Make a coupon book

I would upgrade his last one and give him this one. I love stuff like this!